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Ben Lawson Shirtless in Don’t Trust the Bitch in Apartment 23

Shirtless Male Actor Ben Lawson strips his clothes off in the show Don’t Trust the Bitch in Apartment 23. He is so sexy he takes my breath away. His perfect hairy chest, his great abs, his beautiful face and of course that massive bulge in his underwear. That is certainly where my eyes go!. Male Celebrity Frazer Yeats/George Brown also had a long running part in  the TV show Neighbours. Who wouldn’t want to be in the bath with him sharing a bottle of bubbly?


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Jake Gyllenhaal to be in Enemy

Jake Gyllenhall grinding his body is so hot that I am going to excuse myself to get a tissue!  If he does this on screen can you imagine how he is for real?!  Watch for Gyllenhaal playing Detective Loki in the new film Prisoners. He is playing along side with Hugh Jackman so it is one price for two! He will also be in the film Enemy toward the end of the year!


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Ron Livingston to be in Drinking Buddies


Ron Livingston is a real cutie in his baggy boxer shorts. Makes you want to squeeze his “cheeks”!  And he has a nice little patch of hair on his chest.  Livingston keeps himself busy with at least one film a year. He doesn’t play big roles but we still get to see him up on the screen! Check Livingston out in the new film Drinking Buddies.


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Daniel Gillies Exposed

Daniel Gillies in Saving Hope Ep 2.06

Daniel Gillies has a great one hell of a body. It is sexy as all get out! He definitely spends his fare He isn’t too muscular but it is apparent that he spends time in the gym. A tuft of chest hair is always a good thing! Gilles is currently playing Dr. Joel Goran in the show Saving Hope. He is also working on an upcoming show The Originals. It isn’t clear as to when the show will air but seeing him twice a week will be a definite treat!

daniel gillies shirtless

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